Lux Interior

Lux Interior of the Cramps at the Tropicana in Los Angeles

Loyal and Trusted

Kent Smythe, Runaways road dude, 1979

Twice the Fun

Jeremy, Hans
The Shazam
Nashville, TN
June 2005

International Man of Mystery

Mark Sultan, aka BBQ, New York City, September, 2005

Zack Brines

Zack of Turpentine Brothers, New York City, September 2005

Sham? Sham 69

Dave Parsons, Sham 69, New York City, August 2005


King Louie in the Poplar Lounge,
Memphis, TN
September 2005

Family Men

The Ives Brothers, Zac and Aron, with their little girls
Memphis, September 2005

Lifelong Friend

Steve Forbert, Nashville, TN, September 2005

Dirty White Boy

Jeff / Demons Claws / Memphis, TN, September 2005

One Man Gang

Joe Pestilence AKA Joe Silverking, the One Man Gang
Memphis, TN, September 2005

Greg Cartwright

Memphis, TN, September 2005

Dirty Old Man?

or is it just an urban legend? Kim Fowley, New York City, August, 2004

Caffeine & Nicotine

Dave Gay, The Reigning Sound, Cambridge, MA August 2005

Father & Son

Cheetah Chrome and Rogan Kennedy O'Connor, Nashville, TN, June 2005

Young American Soul

Justin Hubbard, Somerville, Boston, MA, August, 2005


Hans Rotenberry, The Shazam, Nashville, TN, June 2005

Quiet Storm

Jason Sebastian Russo of Hopewell, August 2005, New York City

Mystery Girl

Casey Grajek, August 2005, Brooklyn, NY

Who, me?

Tom Potter, August 2004, Detroit, MI

Eye to Eye

Rishi Dhir, August 2004, Randall's Island, NYC

Godfather Troublemaker Legend Saint

Wayne Kramer, Central Park, NYC, July 2005

Mr. B

Blair Buscareno, math teacher by day, garage rock aficionado the rest of the time, Belleville, NJ, July 2005

Soul Man

Mick Collins, The Dirtbombs, New York City, July 2005

Rock Star

Troy Gregory or Jimmy Page? New York City, July 2005

A DJ Saved My Life....Or At Least the Night

Neil O'Brien, DJ extraordinaire who saved the night's mood after a dismal band performance, July 2005, Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ


Jeff-O in Brooklyn, July 2005

Cinematic glance

Troy Gregory, New York City, July 2004

John Nash

February 2004, Detroit, MI

Face in a Crowd

Bob Dylan, 1974, Los Angeles, CA


Bobby Pyn, before he became Darby Crash, 1977, West Los Angeles, CA

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His Better Days

JLP portrait

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1979-1980, Backstage at the Whisky A Go Go

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Concrete Cowboy

Clint Holley. April 2005. Cleveland, OH.

Baby Face

Nic Arson from The Hives. July 2004. Irving Place, NYC.

Real Nice Guy

John Szymanski, August 2004, Detroit, MI

Southern Gentleman

Bryan Malone, April 2005, Brooklyn, NY

Rock n Roll Heart

Frank Vazzano, February 2005, Cleveland, OH


Bill Nolan, outside his bar, The Ding Dong Lounge, NYC, June 2004


Jim Shaw, June 2004, Detroit, MI

Bonafide Troubadour

Mishka Shubaly, May 2004, East Atlanta, GA

Still waters

Eugene Strobe, Summer 2003, Oak Park, MI

Some kind of genius

Matthew Smith, March 2004, Detroit. MI

He Plays Dress Up

Stiv Bators, circa 1979 / 1980
Malibu Beach, CA